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Generally, international commerce, control and custody of goods are transferred from party to party as follows: Maker-Exporter-Carrier-Importer-User

As control and custody of the goods are transferred from party to party, disputes concerning responsibility for the goods arise. Thus, survey of the goods by impartial survey institutes clarifies the quality, condition and quantity at the different phases.


Traders, suppliers, importers and exporters hire ships, trucking firms or trains to transport goods from their factories and warehouses to domestic and foreign clients, ports or barges to mid river and deep sea anchorage. During the course of transportation, perils of the sea or river, road accidents or train derailment are encountered. Surveys are conducted at locations of accident where our surveyors inspect the extent of loss or damage; supervise salving of goods and transportation of salved goods to nominated premises providing advice on handling methods to prevent aggravation of damage or loss. Follow up inspections are carried out at location of storage of goods during which details of items, quantity and extent of damage are recorded in detail. Survey reports are submitted to

insurance companies with details of the circumstance surrounding the accident, cause, extent and adjustment of loss and recommendations on recovery of loss in instances where accident, loss or damage arise from fault or negligence of other liable parties. 

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